Frequently Asked Questions

Once a song is licensed, it is covered forever.
Yes but you must wait till your billing cycle completes. There is an auto renew button in your account. By default when you subscribe, it is on. If you ever want to cancel your subscription, simply switch auto renew off in your account and you will not be billed again. You will be able to continue licensing music until your subscription expires at the end of your billing cycle.
Each license covers a unique project so in order to be covered for each project you must re-license a song to cover each project it’s used in. As a subscriber, each time you hit the LICENSE button, you’re asked to provide the final project title that you intend on using the track for. The only time you can license a song once and use it over again is when the song is used as a youtube or podcast show theme song. (ex. Intro to your youtube show, etc)
We add songs every week to our library. We are very selective with the songs and artists that we add. On average we usually add about 20 songs per week.
In general we do not offer refunds but there are special situations when we can make acceptions. We highly encourage you to download the preview watermarked file before making a purchase.
Many music artists today use a system known as content ID to track any use of their songs on Youtube videos. About 50% of our artists use a 3rd party content ID matching service to monitor their music. The other 50% will not have any copyright claims when uploaded to Youtube. Unfortunately the system is not perfect. Songs registered with content ID usually get flagged instantly. Usually the worst thing that happens is that an advertisement is placed in front of the video after the video becomes popular but we would rather the claim be cleared as soon as possible. If you have a claim that you want cleared, please send us the youtube link (must not be private) and the name of the song and we will contact the artist management immediately to clear the claim for you. We are currently working on better solutions to manage claims faster and easier. We have expressed the importance of clearing songs quickly with our artists as well.
Yes. In your account when you click on the icon on the top right, you can signup to be an affiate by clicking AFFILIATE. We offer partner programs for industry influencers as well. If you are interested in being a partner, please contact us via email
Yes. In order to download non-watermark songs, you can signup for an annual subscription which allows for this benefit.
Once you license a song, you will be redirected to your licenses in your account where you can download the song, a copy of your license agreement, or receipt. You can access all of your licenses by clicking LICENSES in your account by clicking on the icon in the top right.